DAY 88+0 10:30 AM

SEX GOOD ENOUGH. GOOD ERECTION, maybe some signs of loss of erection, somewhat in control of O but it has been better in the past, I almost felt like Delayed Ejaculation (DE) but finished with enough control (didn’t waste too much time) and grand finale with big load.

Last Sex till OCT 28, 3 weeks from today!

DAY 87 (19+16+52) 3:00 PM

Yesterday’s BIG DATE with my ex-girlfriend was a disaster. Again.

I was full prepared, healthy food, extra dose of “C”, and while mid-afternoon I checked for erection and got one, I could feel “just OK”.

When it came down to, I was not able to achieve an erection at all! So we went out for dinner, drinks and to relax. Once back she put on a strip tease show for me and more and I was able to achieve a good erection, we went at it, she enjoyed very much, and so did I, so much so that it was over in 5 minutes or so, premature ejaculation (PE) at its best.  Proof that while my body might not be collaborating but my mind is very horny and ready.

She still enjoyed it very much and was very understanding as usual.

We still manage to have a good time, but it sucks for me because I know I am a much better lover than that.

Tonight I am planning on having Sex with my girlfriend, and then going Hard Mode till 10/29/2016, 3+ weeks from now, when I have another BIG DATE scheduled with my ex-girlfriend.

DAY 86 (19+16+51) 9:00 AM

I was able to go back to sleep and sleep 8 hours in total, which is good.

I had some overnight erection but no morning wood; but then I was able to achieve somewhat of an erection.

I took 5mg boost this morning, and planning on taking another boost tonight before my BIG DATE.

No idea why I am still flatlining 86 days into my NoPorn/NoPMO reboot.

This sucks and makes no sense whatsoever!

DAY 85 (19+16+50) 8:00 PM

I feel dead.
Just as dead as I felt last week during my BIG DATE, and instead I should be feeling alive!
I’ve done everything right:

  • Slept well and long
  • Ate well
  • Ate lots of Nitric Oxide (NO) rich foods, spaced out throughout the day
  • Took 10mg of “C” (brand name)

If the past is a predictor of future performance I should be feeling like a teen-ager tomorrow morning, by no later than mid-morning, and then the same for a couple of days.

That’s my hope for tomorrow.